Plats: Uppsala slott

15 oktober

Tid: 17:00–22:00

Welcome to the next Uppstart event at Uppsala Castle!

We have a very special guest flying over from London to join us, Mike Butcher! Mike has recently been listed by Wired magazine as one of the most influential people in Europe.

He is European Editor for Techcrunch and has been heavily involved in building the tech startup ecosystem in Shoreditch, London (known as the 'silicon roundabout'), which he now advises the British Prime Minister about.

Aside from hearing what Mike has to say, you can expect the normal Uppstart experience! An open, informal and fun 'mingle-friendly!' atmosphere, with many chances to connect with people from the Swedish tech startup community.

Some startups who are raising investment will be pitching on stage (and we will hold a special VIP pitch event in the afternoon which you can also apply for when you register a ticket).

Register here for your free ticket.